About Me

I am a multimedia journalist with a passion for news gathering and the process of journalism. I live for breaking news. I am a coder who believes the story is just as important as the presentation.

My Philosophy

Digital journalism goes beyond posting news online; it’s the process by which we transform the traditional newsgathering process into a process of gathering, analyzing and story telling.

I'm a journalist who uses the latest technology to tell great stories.

I am always seeking new projects and partners in covering hard news.

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What they say

Patrick was invaluable to help shape our digital newsroom procedures including our breaking news and severe weather plans. He was integral in managing breaking news events including the Indiana State Fair stage collapse and Super Bowl XVLI. His efforts helped WISHTV.com win our first award from the Society of Professional Journalists and Regional Edward R. Murrow Award.

Jason Crundwell Crundwell Digital Marketing

Patrick Tolbert is the kind of person that who drives a team, while equipping them with the tools to get the best possible product out of them. In any capacity, Patrick Tolbert immediately increases the value of the organization of which he is a part.

Mike Blackney Digital Manager at The Ohlmann Group

Recent Work

A collection of some of the latest projects, stories and interactive I've built and published.