Patrick Tolbert: Digital Journalist

Who I am

I am a multimedia journalist with a passion for news gathering and the process of journalism. I live for breaking news. I am a coder who believes the story is just as important as the presentation.

What I do

I am the digital director for LIN Media's Dayton, Ohio properties including and I oversee the digital content producers and the day-to-day editoral focus of the website while coordinating the digital aspects of the duopoloy's strategiv vision. Additionally, I work with the sales team to monitize our projects.

Where I am

testDigital journalism goes beyond posting news online; it’s the process by which we transform the traditional newsgathering process into a process of gathering, analyzing and story telling.

The advent of new media saw newspapers and TV stations tapping the computer guy to post stories to their websites at the end of the news day. Soon after the computer guy became the webmaster. Journalists turned over their work to the webmaster who put it online verbatim.

It soon became apparent, you can’t teach the computer guy to do Journalism, but you can teach a Journalist how to use a computer.

I am one of a new breed of journalists, one who is just as comfortable gathering and writing prose as I am writing code. I excel at finding and analyzing documents and data online. These resources often yield some of the most compelling stories that would have taken a whole team of investigative reporters months to break.

In the age of one-man-band reporting, I have designed and implemented successful workflows that allow reporters to gather and file from the field without adding undue burden on the reporter.

However, journalism alone does not make a successful website. I have the knowledge and skill set to select and present they type of content local readers want to see online. I also have a wide range of resources to help big stories go national and bring in outside traffic.

Additionally, all of the traffic in the world does not mean anything without being able to monetize it. I work closely with digital sales teams to create interactive content that not only brings visitors to the site, keeps them on the site, but also generates revenue from advertisers.

Technically Me

If it has an on button, I’ve got to play with it and know all about it. Armed with an innate understanding of technology, I’m able to quickly solve technical problems and create workarounds when technology is limited.

Critical Thinking

My supervisors, coworkers and friends often involve me in their decision making processes because of my strong analytical skills. I have the ability to instantly develop a plan of action regarding any situation. In breaking news or severe weather situation, my experience combined with critical thinking allows our team to be instantly successful.

My Work

I’m a diehard Baylor Bear. I love to sing, write code and cook. And I have an unusually large collection of ties. I made my first website using HTML when I was 10 and haven’t quit since.

I enjoy spending my free time exploring the country side with my wife and tinkering aroud in my radio shack.

I love the fact I'm paid to read the news and to tweet.

Transforming traditional media by using technology to do better journalism that drives revenue.

(c) 2012 Patrick Tolbert